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   Name:           Arie Vernes
   Address:        2121 Harold Street
   Zone:           Houston, TX 77098
   Telephone:      713.528.5511 (office)
   E-mail address: arie@iah.com
   http://         www.netguys.com/village/tropical/fish/viltrop.htm
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Alejandro Narvaja
   Address:        Avellaneda 481 dto 1 (1426) San Isidro
   Zone:           Buenos Aires
   Telephone:      54-1 415-3203
   E-mail address: ausemba@satlink.com
   http://         www.satlink.com/ausemba
   Country:        Argentina

   Name:           Alfredo Llecha
   Address:        Santiago De Compostella
   Zone:           LA CORUŅA
   Telephone:      909-826744
   E-mail address: u054918004@abonados.cplus.es
   Country:        Spain

   Name:           Arief Suriawinata
   Address:        Pajajaran Indah I/8, Bogor
   Telephone:      62-251-326330
   E-mail address: suriaa01@sprynet.com
   Country:        Indonesia

   Name:           Bing H. Seto
   Address:        904 Otis Drive, Alameda, CA  94501
   Telephone:      510-523-8811 / FAX 510-523-8814
   E-mail address: bingseto@discusworld.com
   http://         www.discusworld.com
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Bob Hoag
   Address:        15016 N.20th Pl Phoenix AZ
   Zone:           85022
   Telephone:      (602) 788-2574
   E-mail address: useay100@ix.netcom.com
   http://         http://pw2.netcom.com/~useay100/discus.htm
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Chris Williams
   Address:        Vabråten 61
   Zone:           1392 Vettre
   Telephone:      +47 66905695
   Country:        Norway

   Name:           Dieter & Angelika Rau
   Address:        1247 Shamir Crescent, Mississauga, Ont.
   Zone:           L5C 1L2
   Telephone:      (905) 270-4996
   E-mail address: kdr@canlinks.com
   Country:        Canada

   Name:           Dirk Schlingmann
   Address:        Niess-str. 16
   Zone:           44309 Dortmund
   Telephone:      +49 231 20814  / FAX +49 231 201034
   E-mail address: Diskus@T-Online.de
   http://         www.Discus.de
   Country:        Germany

   Name:           Frank Bailey  -  Bailey Discus
   Address:        320 Walnut St  Augusta,KS 67010
   Telephone:      316-775-2288
   E-mail address: discus2@southwind.net
   http://         http://www.baileydiscus.com
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Francis Vilbois
   Address:        chemin de Vuillonnex 20C, 1232 Confignon
   Zone:           Europe
   Telephone:      +41 22 757 4670
   E-mail address: vilboisf@iprolink.ch
   http://         http://homepages.iprolink.ch/~vilboisf/index.htm
   Country:        Switzerland

   Name:           Jack Epstein
   Address:        Allendale NJ
   Telephone:      201 808- 6800
   E-mail address: v8-jag@worldnet.att.net
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Jack Wattley
   Address:        2500 Sea Island Drive Ft. Lauderdale
   Zone:           Florida 33301
   Telephone:      + 954-463-5011 Fax + 954-463-4716
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Jim E. Quarles  -  Discus Unlimited
   Address:        5124 Mississippi Bar Dr. Orangevale .Ca. 95662
   Telephone:      1-916-988-8290
   E-mail address: Jreedy1633@aol.com
   http://         http://www.erols.com/jnselms/discus_unlimited.html
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Jonathan Lam
   Address:        4/F., 4, South Lane, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong
   Zone:           Hong Kong
   Telephone:      852-28809407
   E-mail address: s915207@alumni.cuhk.edu.hk
   Country:        Hong Kong

   Name:           Layne Rossi
   Address:        3215 North Island Highway Campbell River, BC
   Zone:           V9W 2H8
   Telephone:      250 830 0566
   E-mail address: wetpetz@oberon.ark.com
   http://         www.oberon.ark.com/~wetpetz
   Country:        Canada

   Name:           Lee Poh Soon
   Address:        310 West Jelutong 11600 Penang
   Zone:           South East Asia
   Telephone:      604-2811033
   E-mail address: lpsoon@pc.jaring.my
   http://         www.irix.net/lpsoon/
   Country:        Malaysia

   Name:           Martin Pelby
   Address:        Brohusgade 20
   Zone:           2200 copenhagen
   Telephone:      +4535362332
   E-mail address: pelby@cybernet.dk
   http://         http://www.rebild.dk/aks/default.asp
   Country:        Denmark

   Name:           NAUPLIA DISCUS  Maurizio Viani
   Address:        Via Campi rossi 58
   Zone:           18100 IMPERIA
   Telephone:      00 39 183 272025
   E-mail address: nauplia@mbox.lol.it
   http://         http://wwwsinfo.clio.it/naupliadiscus
   Country:        Italy

   Name:           Miguel Angel Sanchez
   Address:        Las Palmas
   Zone:           Canary Islands
   Telephone:      909 574790
   E-mail address: mass@teleline.es
   Country:        Spain

   Name:           Piet Hofstede  -  Discus Hatchery Hofstede
   E-mail address: discusph@xs4all.nl
   http://         http://www.xs4all.nl/~discusph
   Country:        Netherlands

   Name:           Richard Rainwater  -  Rainwater Discus
   Address:        5076 Platt Springs Rd. Lexington, South Carolina 29073
   Telephone:      803-957-5699
   E-mail address: starlite@netside.com
   http://         www.rainwaterdiscus.com
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Roger Gaither
   Address:        6052D W. Britton Rd. #A
   Zone:           Oklahoma City
   Telephone:      405-728-1867
   E-mail address: rgaither@usa.net
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Ron Ciccone
   Address:        255 GLEN RD
   Zone:           SPARTA NJ 07871
   Telephone:      201-726-9582
   E-mail address: ron@nac.net
   http://         www.nac.net/~users/ron/page2.html
   Country:        USA

   Name:           Samson Chung - Universal Discus
   Address:        4126 Pacheco Street, San Francisco
   Zone:           CA 94116
   Telephone:      (415)664-3438
   E-mail address: univdisc@infinex.com
   http://         www.infinex.com/~univdisc
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Discus Connection - Stan Glazewski
   Address:        606 N. 4th Street   Hammonton, NJ
   Zone:           08037-9720
   Telephone:      609-567-9171   Fax 609-567-4189
   E-mail address: Discusstan@aol.com
   http://         http://members.aol.com/discusconn/index.htm
   Country:        U.S.A.

   Name:           Uwe Meinert
   Address:        Am Plass 4
   Zone:           32758 Detmold
   Telephone:      05231 / 390286 - Fax: 05231 /390287
   E-mail address: UweMeinert@msn.com
   Country:        Germany

   Name:           Victor A. Ilagan
   Address:        Manila
   E-mail address: nogrocom@pw.net
   Country:        Philippines
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