"What should I feed my discus?"

Recommended Foods For Discus
These are foods known to be fed with success by various discus keepers. Discus should be fed a varied diet and not just one of any type of food. Food that may be a source of parasites should generally be avoided, except in circumstances where it is the only food the Discus will eat, and then, attempts should be made to wean the Discus off those foods. This can be done in the following ways: .

Flake Foods Many Discus will eat flake food, or can be taught to eat flake food. Because of the nutritional requirements of Discus, I recommend vitamin enriched flake foods such as Tetra 5-Star. Many flake foods are enriched with Vitamin C, but a more comprehensive flake food will have several vitamins, almost like a multivitamin for humans. Flake food should probably not be the only food you feed, but it has its place in the Discus diet.

A word of caution: some people have reported problems with certain flake foods swelling in the stomach of the Discus and causing digestive problems, so feed flake sparingly and feed no more than your fish will consume in a couple of minutes, then keep an eye on them.

Pellet Foods Pellet foods are similar in composition to flake food, but are in the form of small pellets rather than flat flakes. Again, look for a vitamin enriched food where possible. I've had very good luck with Tetra Bits, however, they do not have as many vitamins as some other pellet foods, like FryFeedKyowa.
Frozen Foods Many Discus love frozen foods like frozen Brine Shrimp or Beef Heart. Lots of Discus keepers make their own Beef Heart mixtures (see Recipes page), but frozen Beef Heart is also available. One brand I've seen is "Fish Gum Drops". Beef Heart can be somewhat high in fat compared to other foods, and it can also cloud the water if overfed, so if you do feed Beef Heart, feed sparingly and remove any uneaten food quickly. Others Some stuff about other types of food may go in here. Perhaps a good thing to mention would be Miracle Food, Diskusin, Ever Nature Discus Food, Hikari Discus Red, and other "specialty" foods.
Questionable Foods For Discus Blood
Bloodworms, while not as bad as tubifex worms, are often thought to harbor parasites. Use caution when feeding bloodworms.
Foods Not Recommended For Discus Tubifex worms These worms are often grown in unsanitary conditions and are known to be a source of parasites. Tubifex worms are the food most likely to give your Discus a case of internal parasites.

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